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@MyNamesGuy @nypost Ukraine notorious for activities Epstein was alleged to traffick in

@Bel_B30 Not a peep out of them for two and a half years 馃 Must have been keeping them on the back burner. Seems like they鈥檙e struggling to keep the fear going, Ukraine and monkeypox were a bust

@gavreilly You only care because you disagree with her, there鈥檇 be nothing in the media about this if she鈥檇 said we should give Ukraine loads more money for weapons

@Rhue22Ruby @poxy_monkey Vaxx target reached? Change of tack to war in Ukraine?

@EmbrayHotay The well of public goodwill is starting to run dry, they won鈥檛 get away with using the war in Ukraine and climate change to attack our way of life for much longer

@Bruh11432599 @samstreetwrites Lol where did I call Ukraine an autocracy? The lady doth protest too much methinks

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