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@nothing6777876 @ViviennVicious @vic_top555 That's a lot of money in Ukraine where the cost of living is several times lower than in the West. That's probably about what the average person makes in about 4 months.

@JuliaDavisNews Putin is evil, water is wet, and Ukraine will win: three things that are 100% certain.

@nastasiaKlimash @guardian I鈥檓 pretty sure that the final words of every Russian soldier in Ukraine is 鈥渂lyat!鈥

@mission_rf @Amb_Ulyanov @mfa_russia @RosatomGlobal @rostekhnadzor @iaeaorg @RusBotWien @RF_OSCE @armscontrol_rus @RusGavrilov @rafaelmgrossi Russians do realize that if you just left Ukraine, the nuclear power plant problem just disappears, right? I mean there are no problems with other plants in Ukraine. Is this hard to understand?

@WeLoveNATO A lot of us鈥攎aybe not you, but a lot of use鈥攈ad zero faith that Ukraine would succeed on February 24th, but that didn't stop most of us from supporting them. The good fight is the good fight.

@AmandaG9671111 @acoyne Tiny parcel of land. Seriously? Putin has made it clear that he has thought Ukraine was a fake country from the start and that it had no right to exist. It's a pretext. He created a pretext. You have a dictionary, right?

@saintjavelin Ukraine wasn't between with missile and Poland, nowhere near, in fact. It was just a crappy missile acting crappy.

@Carcharodontosr @kajakallas @PaasikiviS Boris played a strong role in helping Ukraine and literally the ONLY thing people in the UK liked about him was his handling of the war. Scholtz and Macron are spiritless for other reason.

@Sandman20003 @Geof17773624 @aoutstock @WarMonitor3 There's this narrative that UA are military geniuses & RU are stupid & incompetent鈥攚ildly exaggerated. Yes, UA is better, but far from perfect, and RU has made many mistakes, but also are learning. Can UA push RU out of Ukraine? Probably not if RU maintains its will to fight.

@NataliaAntonova Natalia, what would you say is the most popular alcoholic beverage in Ukraine? Beer? Wine? Something else?

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