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Interestingly, in readout of each meeting - it wasn't just climate that was discussed. Also on the agenda: With UVdL, Northern Ireland Protocol & support for Ukraine. With al-Nahyan, regional security, Iran, defence, UK-GCC trade deal. With Meloni, illegal migration & Ukraine.

This is a fascinating conversation. If you're a legitimate refugee from any country other than Ukraine, Afghanistan, or Syria, the only way to claim asylum in the UK is to get here *illegally* first. It's a broken incentive structure. Thanks to @Mr_John_Oxley for explaining馃憞

In case you missed it between failing to adequately support Ukraine and shutting down their nuclear power stations, Germany is actually doing something good, for once. Cannabis is to be legalised, regulated, and taxed.

@JSHiggins_ Read the replies. They鈥檙e attacking Ukraine. Talking down to Ukraine. Silencing Ukraine.

My god the replies are incredible. The most twisted set of British blue ticks imaginable *attacking Ukraine* because they like the wrong person. Claiming the guy Ukraine loves is somehow a puppet of Putin. Incredibly unhinged.

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