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@Trollstoy88 The fun thing is that the only russians that knew how to use it likely died over a scrap of land in Ukraine, so it's basically a museum piece now.

@elonmusk And yet, somehow you found the kremlin line on the russia-Ukraine conflict 馃う

@blackintheempir Read history, speak to people on the ground on both sides and hear their testimony. Listen direct to military and political analysts; read action reports and come to your own conclusions about which seem reliable. You'll still support Ukraine but you'll understand why.

@MatthewSharfman @JBWarsaw Pretty much everyone in UK is pro Ukraine tbh - except the same types of idiots that we have everywhere.

@elonmusk @RenataKonkoly @ThorstenBasch @spideycyp_155 @BillyM2k Probably not, but it'll distract them from what they are doing in Ukraine and they'll either pull out and regroup or screw themselves even harder into an impossible position. The latter it isn't sustainable and the likelihood of collapse increases, which is the ideal outcome.

@joe96046835 @SpaghettiKozak @KOPERNICK5 @CKikila @DavidSacks Who wants it to fall? A russian retreat in Kherson is the last thing Ukraine wants right now. Much better to let what's left of russia's professional army starve and freeze in the fields.

@joe96046835 @KOPERNICK5 @CKikila @SpaghettiKozak @DavidSacks Lol it wasn't that UA was doing well at that point - but that a competent russian army should have done way, way better and that Ukraine held up much better than expected. Luckily the russians aren't competent though.

@DavidSacks @DavidSacks it doesn't matter what state is being attacked. Ukraine, South Korea, Alaska, wherever. The risk is that if we allow one nuclear threat to go unchecked then it becomes clear to every dictator worldwide that all they have to do is have a nuke and they will be allowed

@thechillchair I love that they think that anybody's impressed with that moped engine with wings that only works on civilians. As long as they stay that dumb Ukraine will be fine.

@charliebilello You can say what you like. Doesn't make it the right answer though. The quickest way out is to increase weapon deliveries to Ukraine so they can push the russians out faster. Anything short of that just sets us up for another round when russia thinks it's saying enough again.

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