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"I'm the real Russia" "No, I'm the real Russia" "No *I'm* the real Russia" This very debate actually plays into Russia's hands (the big Russia, not the little one) by highlighting that Ukraine is just a branch of Russia.

Although he's pretty convinced that Ukraine can make a breakthrough.

Ukraine desperately wanted this to be a WW1 style stalemate, but this has now turned into (admittedly) a very slow but nonetheless mobile offensive. In the context of this otherwise painfully slow war, this is quite an achievement.

@Dr_Francia66 Ukraine will probably keep pressure on that position with snipers, mortars, etc.

@squatsons Those videos are exceptions, they don't represent the norm. By and large, Ukraine is still able to move in and out of Bakhmut in sufficient amounts to maintain an effective and organised defence.

@squatsons You don't need this video to know that Ukraine is still able to get inside and outside of Bakhmut, and to supply its troops there. If fire control was really as effective as people say, Bakhmut would have collapsed a while ago.

@Brady_k6 Fucking stupid map. Crimea part of Ukraine? Don't even give this bullshit any attention.

@RAFweremurdered @AZgeopolitics All this would do is boost Ukrainian morale and encourage them to fight on. Also, Ukraine is fully aware of whether Russia is suffering shortages. Artillery announces itself very loudly, there's no hiding it.

Western libs can very easily become disillusioned with Ukraine, because they've created a superhuman image of the Ukrainians which is inevitably disappointed when Ukraine does something stupid/evil. Pro-Ru tends to like Russia for its real human qualities, i.e. for what it is.

@AntDisgruntled @adam4indy I think what's bothering me is that Russia is obsessed with Ukraine's strategic rear, when actually these missiles can be used for immediate tactical purposes. These strikes are starting to feel gratuitous and for the sake of an audience. But maybe I'm wrong.

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