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We should go to war with Ukraine after Russia loses.

I don't think Russia is planning to dirty bomb Ukraine but idk. Maybe they have intel about non-state actors in Ukraine that have nuclear material? It's sort of odd to me. The "US biolabs" thing was a better story and made more sense.

Interview Request: Air Moldova pilot who drew 鈥渞elax鈥 with an a321 a few days before the Ukraine war kicked off. https://t.co/k1ywcg5d3Y

Why is the US funding air defense systems for Ukraine when it鈥檚 cheaper to simply make more suicide drones than your opponent

If Elon and Sacks truly cared about X-risk, they鈥檇 stop talking about Ukraine for a moment and advocate for killing this emu

While Ukraine was getting its shit kicked in for half the war, all of twitter was jacking off to the Ghost of Kiev and all the other nonsense crumbs that State/CIA threw at you. You think guys seriously think information will be true & free a peer conflict? lol, lmao

assumes that the Ukraine counteroffensive will continue its breakneck speed all the way to Crimea or Donetsk, and that doesn鈥檛 seem like it鈥檚 happening.

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