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Biden signs bill to fund government, aid Ukraine's defense vs. Russia, support natural-disaster recovery and avert midnight shutdown - MarketWatch

US embassy in Moscow urges Americans to leave Russia immediately, warning that dual nationals could be drafted into the Ukraine war

EXPLAINER: How real are Putin鈥檚 nuclear threats in Ukraine?

Thousands of Russians Flee Putin's Draft to Fight in Ukraine

I Will Die in a Foreign Land by Kalani Pickhart review 鈥 Ukraine鈥檚 struggle | Fiction | The Guardian

UN says committed to Ukraine 'integrity' within 'recognized' borders

Cyber warfare rife in Ukraine, but impact stays in shadows

Ukraine vs Scotland 鈥 Nations League odds boost: John McGinn to score first & Scotland to win 2-0 OR 3-0 at 80/1

From Ukraine to Russia to France, Modi's India wins global praise at UNGA

'Catastrophic consequences for Russia' if Putin uses nukes, top US official says: Ukraine updates 鈥 Florida Diary

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