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@CladaboucheXD @Ave_Jove @levchuk_dima @apmassaro3 @elonmusk @officejjsmart @MelnykAndrij Why would that be the case, wouldn鈥檛 it be the opposite since Russia shows that Ukraine is weak and easily taken

@Chibuik19525490 @tombapilot04 @madmanitoban @Murnettie @BNONews They are struggling in Ukraine how are they going to be able to invade Poland. Not that Poland would gladly enjoy a opportunity to fight Russia

@Yes2Truth @Cirincione @mwhamiltonian Ukraine is not the first to mix religion and war. I think Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine takes it a bit further with the symbolism.

@jplaya15 @MnicaViveiros1 @Alumeamorimor @Partisangirl Mad for nothing? Why are Russian tanks flagging Soviet flags, a main motivator for Russians and Putin is the idea of Russia regaining what was lost after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Oh I guess Ukraine will surrender since you withdrew your funding

@jplaya15 @MnicaViveiros1 @Alumeamorimor @Partisangirl US support for Ukraine in polling has never been higher. Almost like people hate dictatorships and want to support democracies like Ukraine just like in ww2

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