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The Russian hammer is about to fall on Ukraine. The gloves are coming off; electric energy stations, bridges, and even ‘decision centers’ such as central Kiev’s government buildings are being targeted .. https://t.co/acDsRAQbr1 https://t.co/izrqFClXjD

War media fears 'collapse' of Twitter may affect the propaganda side of #Washington's proxy war against #Russia. #Ukrainian Digital Minister Mykhailo Fedorov explains how #Twitter is part of #Ukraine️'s 'war effort'. https://t.co/bufW6FDvqx https://t.co/r6YCt2VuWT

#NATO is sharing its #Nazism, just as it shared #ISIS. #Azov in #Turkey. As part of the prisoner exchange between Russia and Ukraine, 5 Ukrainian commanders, including the senior leaders of the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, were returned to Turkey. https://t.co/dyVjn6B8hr https://t.co/GdzANKU5op

#Syria: the #USA and its allies use blackmail, pressures and double standards at the UN to favor their agendas. The UNGA passed a non-binding resolution calling on #Russia to pay ‘reparations’ to Ukraine: 94 in favor, 14 against, and 73 abstentions. https://t.co/2SUkRybxxy https://t.co/VQJHk59uD9

Winning hearts and minds. 🙄 U.S. troops get lost in #Ukraine and ask a local guy for a map. Via @ArthurM40330824 https://t.co/9Zut7Bpq9h

How times change: I typed "Crimes of Nazis in Ukraine" into YouTube and the top three were: (1) 2014: the BBC warns of Neo-Nazi threat in Ukraine, (2) 2022: the BBC says Putin is fibbing about a Nazi threat in Ukraine, and (3) 2021: TIME warns of white supremacists in Ukraine. https://t.co/czTyySXKuk

Kinburn Spit. The sabotage group of the 73rd Marine Special Operations Center of #Ukraine AF was destroyed. The defeat of four light-engine vessels was confirmed and up to 20 #Ukrainian servicemen were killed. Ria Novosti. https://t.co/w4sDgIOdGq https://t.co/CSQDbICsPA

Pavel Astakhov: Lies are the main political tool .. the style of Western diplomacy. So Ukraine was deceived in 2014, so Russia and Donbass were deceived over the Minsk agreements, so they deceived us on June 22, 1941, by breaking the Non-Aggression Pact. https://t.co/ddbg7Uq0jr https://t.co/XDX8ZKU49V

Fear of the winter offensive? Breaking from #Biden's 'fight to the death' line, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, General #MarkMilley, is leading a push to seek a diplomatic solution in #Ukraine. State Dept. disagrees. Commentary by @aaronjmate - https://t.co/AnbAHcr9se https://t.co/iWxAqZwaTR

Breaking from #Biden's 'fight to the death' line, top US General and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley @General22998022, is leading a push to seek a diplomatic solution in #Ukraine. Commentary by @aaronjmate - https://t.co/AnbAHc90e6 https://t.co/UtY3NJ4sct

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