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@numinous102 @Gerashchenko_en Hence, with 3% of our annual defense budget, we鈥檙e not only helping a key ally show that democracy defeats dictatorships and sending a message to China, Iran, NK et al, but also helping Ukraine to obliterate our biggest threat. This makes China essentially a stand-alone threat

@HusarenH @WarMonitors Leopard 2, 1970鈥檚 M1A2, 1980鈥檚 Challenger 2, 1990鈥檚! All 14 of them There is all sorts of stuff (e.g. ATACMS, stealth fighters (or any jets), lasers and one can only ponder the top secret stuff, from the 80鈥檚 NATO, that鈥檚 not in Ukraine.

@WarMonitors 1980鈥檚 NATO sans aircraft. That鈥檚 what鈥檚 in Ukraine. Javelins - 1980s Other MANPATS - 1980s Stingers - 1980s M777s - 1980s HIMARS - 1980s The only exception are the British Starstreak MANPADS which came into use in the 1990鈥檚 and which are awesome. Again, no airplanes. Yet

@ukrainiansquad @Tala094shte You are fighting for Ukraine, a BEAUTUFUL country. That鈥檚 enough reason for my support. And you are also fighting for Democracy, everywhere. And to prove Good triumphs over evil. You have my FULL support. 袩懈褕褍 褌芯斜褨 蟹 袣懈褦胁邪

@beth_holbrook8 Russian war. It鈥檚 Russia鈥檚 war. Ukraine is only defending itself.

@dim0kq I am more confident in total Ukrainian victory than you, since I see a financial collapse imminent in Russia. Therefore this issue worries me the most. Loyal Ukrainians should be calling those who have left and encouraging them to return to rebuild Ukraine. The world should fund.

@almoud85 @WarMonitor3 @MorinMarcAndr2 No. Never. That鈥檚 the whole point. That鈥檚 why I am here. Ukrainians are decent people. Russians, for now, are not. Ukraine should always choose honor and dignity. Military targets only. It鈥檚 better war strategy anyway.

And @potus, @SecDef please M1s or at least M2 IFVs to Ukraine. People are being slaughtered. Helping Ukraine to not lose is unethical and un-strategic. We must provide decisive support. At least send 5000 to 10000 Switchblade 600s while we are waiting. Quintessentially defensive

@juliavkril I agree with all of those and they are all correct. That said, I like 鈥渢he Ukraine鈥 because it deserves the distinction. It鈥檚 unique.

@GicAriana @chessninja Not giving weapons to Ukraine is what provoked Moscow. That said, if I were a western leader I would not have trusted Yanukovich with advanced Western weapons. We should have done more, however, since Poroshenko.

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