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US and UK are increasingly at odds over Ukraine. EU internally is at odds over Ukraine and also in disagreement with US and the UK over Ukraine. Ideology over pragmatism is the overriding theme, as has been the case since the war stated. Peace agreement is the only solution.

So it continues. Europe now exploring a political solution, meaning diplomacy, to Ukraine.

If Republicans were elected tomorrow in US they would immediately seek to create Ukraine 2.0 wrt to China and Taiwan, including massive sanctions People in US currently criticising Biden wrt Russia will be praising Ukraine 2.0 to take down China. Communism is their trigger word

If Russia continues to destroy critical infrastructure in Ukraine, an inflexion point will be reached, whereby Ukraine as a nation will collapse, due to chronic food, water, communication and energy shortages. It would also no longer be able to continue to fight the war.

Clown show continues. West continues to press self-destruct button. Having immediately blamed Russia for missile strike in Poland and then having to face reality we now have western leaders and officials claiming it is still Russia's fault even though it was Ukraine responsible.

Whilst the UK and the US refused to talk to Lavrov at the G20, Macron and Scholz did. As we have been saying for months, the West and by extension NATO members are divided wrt to their Ukraine war policy initiatives.

As we alluded to, Washington admits that Ukraine was not discussed during US - Russia talks, only the threat of nuclear weapons and nuclear war as we have been stating for weeks.

As Ukraine war continues the west is grinding its own economies, financial system and societies into a very precarious position. We have already reached a point when this has become unsustainable amd elements in west want a diplomatic solution, including US military itself.

Ironically people and many Russians fail to grasp how easily the Ukraine war could escalate into a full blown nuclear war. Something has fundamentally changed in the last 2 weeks and we are potentially going to find out shortly, why exactly.

Washington is talking once again about negotiations to end the Ukraine war and how if the contact line is stabilised this winter it would represent an opportunity for a peace agreement to be reached.

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