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@KateGoesTech @Randy_ESH Exactly that鈥檚 it they hate Ukraine They aren鈥檛 the originals

@copesint Notice he says nothing about Russia firing 100 cruise missiles into Ukraine That is apparently not an escalation and perfectly fine for Russia to do

@amnesty @elonmusk You support war criminals and Russian soldiers raping children in Ukraine 鈥 so I think we are more concerned with you

@lexfridman Where your outrage at the 100 cruise missiles that damaged Ukraine civilian infrastructure Honestly I鈥檓 beginning to really dislike how you are such a Putin appeaser

@PM_ViktorOrban @RTErdogan Hmm. What about Ukraine ? You don鈥檛 seem so shocked

@sashakots Russia is not welcome in Ukraine No matter how many civilians you murder and execute for being Ukrainians Russia will never ever be welcome

@Valen10Francois Belarus and Ukraine are not Russians They have strong and old European roots

@Unswede @aretieare @MaxBlumenthal Palestinians are not the innocent people everyone thinks Even Russia plays the victim card when Ukraine defends itself Israel used to be the weak neighbor but after winning several wars it became the strongest

@tassagency_en Ukraine should attack the Black Sea fleet tomorrow

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