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@BStinstin @NOTSeanMcCarthy Have we even gotten a UFO sighting since Ukraine happened? How do people keep falling for this cold war BS?

@Normal_Writing @thiswangschung @Chinchillazllla Ukraine, the EU and the United States are literal fascist countries. One of which, has state sanctioned Nazi militias that attack minorities in the country. You are the fascist here.

@Normal_Writing @Chinchillazllla Ukraine's military is full of Nazis and the U.S. military routinely goes to brown countries to murder people. You're the last one to accuse things of being "Nazi".

@roun_sa_ville They never tried hiding it in the first place. At this point, it's just hilarious seeing a hate symbol in plain sight every time the media posts an article about Ukraine.

@jgarbax7 @CaaOperator @youngiam99 @QuickFang_ @tuffy______ @samstreetwrites Ukraine is being used for the exact same reasons by the U.S. and their allies and you're too stupid to see that. lol

@jgarbax7 @CaaOperator @youngiam99 @QuickFang_ @tuffy______ @samstreetwrites >Nobody expected Ukraine to last long, Ukrainians chose to fight for themselves. Given that men are banned from leaving the country, it doesn't seem like a choice.

@jgarbax7 @CaaOperator @youngiam99 @QuickFang_ @tuffy______ @samstreetwrites >neoliberals you hate so much sold Ukraine to Putin for quiet exploitation when Biden became president Yeah, they're like that a lot of the time. No idea why you're deepthroating their wee wees now.

@jgarbax7 @CaaOperator @youngiam99 @QuickFang_ @tuffy______ @samstreetwrites A Nazi POS is a Nazi POS. I really do not care about the minor differences because they are all garbage. >who half a year ago wouldn't be able to find Ukraine on the map Maybe your country does not teach you geography by they do in mines. lmfao

@jgarbax7 @CaaOperator @youngiam99 @QuickFang_ @tuffy______ @samstreetwrites Because Operation Cyclone worked well for the world... >existence of fringe radical weirdos doesn't condemn an entire nation Ukraine wants to state funded Nazi militias, they sure as hell can. My money shouldn't be going into funding or training them though.

@jgarbax7 @CaaOperator @youngiam99 @QuickFang_ @tuffy______ @samstreetwrites My money is not funding Putin's invasion. My money is however, being used to train and fund people that would shoot me on sight if they had their way in the world. And Ukraine has more Nazi militias than Azov, lol. They are just the most infamous one.

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