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Russia denied deadly missile strike on Kremenchuk shopping mall, so Ukraine released the video via @TheWeek

Biden, G-7 leaders will try to prevent millions from starving to death after war in Ukraine dramatically escalated food shortages - USA TODAY

Ukraine attacks 3 Russian gas platforms in Black Sea, used as garrisons - Business Insider

Ukraine loses key town as Russia claims it surrounds troops - Reuters

Russia-Ukraine war: What happened today (June 22) - NPR

Miami police gun buyback plan ships firearms to Ukraine army - Business Insider

Ukraine's troops suffer significant setback as Russian forces approach key eastern city - NBC News

Ukraine news - live: Russia says EU sanctions that prompted transit ban 鈥榰nacceptable鈥 - The Independent

Russia-Ukraine war live updates: U.S. attorney general visits Kyiv - The Washington Post

Americans captured in Ukraine could face death penalty; first German long-range weapons arrive in Ukraine - CNBC

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