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@TatiYnaYsamoVa @Sam60156964 @LouiseMensch @elonmusk @yoyoel But is this counting the scores of Russians dead in Ukraine? Nope. Russia calls many of them "missing" so they don't have to pay death benefits to the families. This is well documented.

@LouiseMensch @NATO @mod_russia @DefenceU Ukraine into NATO, Turkey out. Seems like a great re-balancing of the alliance. Turkey was never a good ally under Erdogan, much like Pakistan is a frenemy.

@bpdin75 @macofaquitane @USAmbKyiv @JuliaDavisNews Talk about completely off-base. Putin is the aggressor and murderer. Ukraine are defending their home and holding the line for democracy. That's why the free world is happy to help them destroy the Russian aggression. Fortunately, Putin's army is pathetic. It has numbers only.

@USAmbKyiv @JuliaDavisNews Which is a fart in the wind compared to the $2.3 TRILLION the US wasted in the Afghanistan war for zero lasting benefit. Ukraine is a much better investment that will save US lives by fighting so the US doesn't eventually have to.

@EvelDick On the scale of war crimes, gas is nastier, and would likely result in an immediate pushback with more and stronger weapons from the US and NATO to Ukraine to get rid of the secret depot(s)

@LeaderMcConnell It's also a relative bargain. Ukraine can do now pretty cheaply what would cost potentially trillions of dollars and many American lives if Putin rolls through Ukraine and acts on his stated desire to conquer other countries by force next. Only the dumbest @GOP don't see this.

@Eveldick Russian terrorist state dropping white phosphorous on towns in Ukraine again. This is a savage way to decimate areas, but they don't care about rules.

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