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Writer & Journalist a fighter of injustice. A proud member of the NRA. Free Assange, Free Palestine, Yemen, Donbass. Stop wars! Main account - @tatianycoeuvre
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@flugkind That's right, blame Putin & the Russians for Elon Musk's decision to grant an amnesty to suspended accounts. Can CNN think about U.S. problems, like doubling the price of everything, and not about Ukraine? That's pathetic!馃槣馃ぁ馃槀

https://t.co/0GzBuUx7iT "Biden mistakenly thanks Colombia for hosting ASEAN summit in Cambodia." Mistakenly? No kidding -- mindlessly! Just a month ago, Brandon called Ukraine Afghanistan! This is our Moron-n-Chief! 馃ぁ馃槒

https://t.co/lHvcH8Ui3P The Biden regime has given over $1 billion in humanitarian aid to Afghanistan鈥檚 Taliban government since the August 2021 withdrawal. Now Biden sends our tax money -- over 50 billions -- to another terrorist state, Ukraine! Where is your outrage, patriots?

For those who insists there is no Nazi in Ukraine.馃憞

https://t.co/bSh736cJAp Who said it was illegally? After Kiev began war on Donbass in July 2014, after their referendum to be independent from Ukraine in response of Russian language would be forbidden in Schools & elsewhere? 馃槧馃憡

#VyacheslavVolodin -- 鈥淎bout the situation in Ukraine: A complete loss of independence. Ukraine is occupied by NATO. The country has become a colony of the U.S. Orders to Kiev are given from Washington. The AFU millitans are controlled by the Pentagon.鈥

Ukraine's new monstrous tactic is to hit the rescuers and doctors who come to the call after the first missile strike. They provided assistance to the injured people, & at that time there was a second shelling. Ukraine is a terrorist state, worst than ISIS!

https://t.co/ejlyvkRvkR The Ukrainian armed forces on Tuesday morning once again shelled Donetsk, firing eight shells at the town within nine minutes, the DPRc鈥檚 mission to the Joint Center for Control & Coordination of Issues Related to War Crimes of Ukraine.馃が

Soros admitted that long before Ukraine became independent from Russia, Biden saw this as an opportunity to consolidate his power & finances. He never stopped money laundering through Ukraine.馃憞

https://t.co/CkAXNV31Hd Why do hawkish Dems want an ongoing war between Russia & Ukraine. Highly recommended to watch - Truth breaks through the walls. 38 min.

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