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A psychopath is born...A sociopath is made. It didn't take long for war mongering Liz Truss to show her true colours. Another 拢2.5B of British tax payers money to Ukraine. Whilst British people will be forced to eat or heat. (pic) self explanatory.

We will be seeing more of this up and down the country as this gov pours more of British tax payers money into Ukraine & people can鈥檛 afford to pay their bills.

Is that the new normal. Falling out of windows. 馃ゴ Russian oil boss Ravil Maganov who criticised war in Ukraine dies 'after falling from hospital window'

Illegals sitting pretty in luxury 5 猸愶笍hotels. While British tax payers are worried they will be sat in the dark, cold & hungry. This gov has spent billions on advertising, & Ukraine. But won鈥檛 look after it鈥檚 own people. It鈥檚 beyond disgusting鈥nough!馃憡馃徏

Rishi Sunak has got to hold the title for the biggest shill in the U.K. at the moment鈥hile the other one is away dodging bombs in Ukraine.馃檮

2 years ago this government spent millions on campaigns telling you not to kill granny & keep her safe鈥 Now they don鈥檛 give AF if granny were to freeze or starve to death as long as Ukraine鈥檚 borders are protected, while we continue to get invaded daily.

We are being invaded on a daily basis by fighting age men and Boris Johnson is swanning about in Ukraine. Not giving a f**k If you鈥檙e not angry by now you should be. 馃が

Russia Ukraine Crisis: Firing Shelling On Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant

Anyone using a sentence with the words Ukraine & Democracy, in it. Really need to give themselves a well earned slap around the chops.馃榿馃憡馃徏

Still banging on & more worried about Ukraine than the British People. Larry the cat has more sense.馃檮

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