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Yaroslava Antipina
Kyiv, Ukraine. Twitter war diary #warcoffee PayPal fund yaroslava.warcoffee@gmail.com
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
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11:31 am in #Kyiv Late morning from Ukraine! I鈥檝e finished my driving lesson (decided to have one per week in order not to forget how to drive). Later will go to the Right Bank. There鈥檚 one beautiful place where I want to write. Just catching the moments of silence. https://t.co/7OwrJeRcgy

12:15 am in #Kyiv Another power outage. But it鈥檚 ok. My favorite tweets are the ones when I ask which country you are from. A lot of replies, flags give me some hope: - Ok. We鈥檙e not alone yet. We鈥檙e not forgotten. Let鈥檚 do this again? Please don鈥檛 forget Ukraine 鈾ワ笍

9:57 am in #Kyiv Morning from Ukraine! Cannot say 鈥榞ood morning鈥 as reading news about the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. People under the rubble. My sincere condolences to wounded countries. This year (still young) has kept too many people under the rubble 馃挃

9:05 am in #Kyiv Good morning from Ukraine! Peaceful night we had. Funny (or not) thing I noticed: when I write that it is calm, people leave me. No drama to follow. I鈥檓 not creating TV-shows so #warcoffee is here 馃拑 with no drama. Just my life. Strong hugs https://t.co/NxNuIaKL5N

9:44 am in #Kyiv Morning from Ukraine! Night was calm here. But Victory (still a cat) decided that having sleep was a bad idea. So I鈥檓 going to rest a little now. See you later for #warcoffee & life. Victory now 猬囷笍 https://t.co/T2d8i6r3Tg

11:55 am in #Kyiv Late cold morning from Ukraine! I鈥檓 after the workout. With #warcoffee as usual. Yesterday bombing of Kharkiv & Kherson gave no right for me to tell you: the night was calm. The night was war. But anyway I try hard to live, to breathe, (even to stay fit). https://t.co/Nmo4PkFkfy

11:10 am in #Kyiv Good morning from Ukraine! I鈥檝e already had #warcoffee. Sunday morning with power. Later I鈥檓 planning to go to Podil (ancient part of Kyiv) for a walk. On Sundays we usually are not attacked. So I have a chance for a calm walk 馃拑 https://t.co/quounMlnxV

10:35 am in #Kyiv #warcoffee morning from Ukraine! It was a calm night here. Soon going to the driving lesson. I have them in order not to forget how to drive 馃檭 As I don鈥檛 work (only write), will postpone buying a car. But everything is pretty well. Don鈥檛 worry about me 馃 https://t.co/egGtYlqncu

11:12 am in #Kyiv Good morning from Ukraine! We had a calm night here. I鈥檝e just finished the workout. Having #warcoffee They say it鈥檚 Friday. So have a nice Friday, dear world. https://t.co/Gv5TRR8yOq

9:25 am in #Kyiv Morning from Ukraine. Missile attack. I鈥檓 going to have #warcoffee and looking at the window. https://t.co/vtytbE3Adm

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