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@GrayConnolly Besides Ukraine (and Lithuania, which is performing a dangerous gambit to get free US support in the form of a permanent base), no one else stands to benefit from escalation.

The validity of your opinion does not hinge on where you live. Given how bloody ignorant most of the American left is of world politics, that ignorance doesn't seem to stop them from sharing their opinions about Ukraine, China, or any other global topic.

'Russia, Russia, Russia': Biden blames Putin for surging gas prices, claims Americans must endure hardship to help Ukraine https://t.co/qjjdSFHmcg

Sounds like everyone鈥檚 getting ready for a long and protracted war in which Ukraine runs out of munitions long before Russia does because Europe doesn鈥檛 even have the capacity to manufacture arms at anywhere close to the same rate.

Boris Johnson: Putin's 'toxic masculinity' caused Ukraine invasion, claims women wouldn't wage war https://t.co/uQ6sdhmNDu

United Arab Emirates offers to assist Moscow in POW swap between Russia and Ukraine (RIA Novosti citing law enforcement source).

Why does every liberal calling for violence against Clarence Thomas have a Ukraine flag or Azov Battalion logo in their bio?

@JoeyWard817 Neither Ukraine (nor the west) can stand any kind of war of attrition. They just don't have the manufacturing capacity for it, whereas Russia has no problem.

Ukraine is now blaming Twitter for leaks of its plans going awry in Severodonetsk, which they were just forced to completely retreat from following a successful push by the Russians. As if they even had a chance at all.

@ArmchairW @witte_sergei Whatever casualty numbers Ukraine gives out, expect the actual figure to be 10x.

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