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I'm a super pissed off American.
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@donalrumsfeld @mcogsthriceborn @FrankJSchneider @noreallyyall The fact that this dumb fuck thinks Ukraine is a democracy is laughable.

@noreallyyall I was super curious if Taiwan was like Ukraine. Doesn鈥檛 seem nearly as bad, but there are Nazis in Taiwan.

@Rick82588886 He died in 2014. The year of the takeover in Ukraine.

PART 1! I will be extremely impressed if you can watch all 3 parts and still support Ukraine.

@mrjames_venturi Oh, I see you鈥檙e retweeting Ukraine flags. I didn鈥檛 realize you supported the Ukrainian war.

I鈥檓 going to say this in the kindest way I possibly can. If you 鈥渟tand with Ukraine鈥, go fuck yourself.

@joeywreck @ukrainemlrs Don鈥檛 bother with Ukraine flags. You know better.

@CaucciMisha EXACTLY. It鈥檚 clear as day. No free lunch for hungry children, but another billion dollars for Ukraine.

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