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BLM. Democratic Socialist. #DefundThePolice (he/him) 'When you're accustomed to privilege, equality
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@daveand84185453 @DanoftheNorth2 @ComradeCallahan @JasonWSchaver @HumanistReport @jimmy_dore Where has anyone defended Ukraine, Russia, US, or CIA in this post? This is the fourth time we'll ask the question. Did Russia invade Ukraine? Yes or no?

@Sndvl1999 @jimmy_dore @mattyglesias @abetterworld98 So you support Ukraine in this war, yes? Well unfortunately if it wasn't for us, they would have lost by now...correct?

@RBritvic @FauxMinusTree @jimmy_dore @mattyglesias @abetterworld98 "She's outlefting the left all the time" Being anti Ukraine aid and....? Can you name a substantive policy that will actually help American people through policy that she supports? Is there a SINGLE progressive POLICY that she supports? JD said universal healthcare. WHERE?!

@FauxMinusTree @jimmy_dore @mattyglesias @abetterworld98 ???? Being anti aid for Ukraine isn't being pro progressive policy. Show me a single example of her supporting universal healthcare. Public Housing? Unions? UBI?

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