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im very spur of the moment
Location: looking at ruSSia in disgust.
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@Biz_Ukraine_Mag 100% respect. but is there anything Ukraine doesnt have a day for? 馃槆

@KyivIndependent any idea when this was? as someone living in UK and paying UK tax, i and many many others have no problem arming Ukraine. we need dates and names of ships - then we can act. meanwhile though if it bothers you, send us the weapons back we supplied, and cancel any training we gave

@michaeldweiss no need to google anything other than 'did russia just send two missiles into a country thus attacking them? is russia a terrorist state which today launched 100 cruise missile at Ukraine? '

@DanReznikWSWS do you prefer russians who dress up in womens lingerie (looted from Ukraine) to have gay sex (no problem with gay rights btw) in the russian army as a means of avoiding being gang raped by kadyrovs thugs ? you seem fixated by NAFO?

@WeLoveNATO the overwhelming factor which changed the course of the war was the spirit of Ukraine to never be defeated and never surrender. The HIMARS helped though.

@tassagency_en meanwhile... Ukraine has expelled the second best army in ukraine from ukraine. silly russians,

@Gerashchenko_en and with 100% respect to pres Zelenskyy, there in lies the diff between Ukraine and orcland. Ukr fights for its, not the presidents future. orcs die in the 1ks to cover putins backside and keep his cronies in power, robbing russia and killing it and its people. #SlavaUkraini

@tassagency_en what about you leave Ukraine and go directly to the Hague?

@MedvedevRussiaE @elonmusk @trussliz you reckon Ukraine will invite you? kind of last look around the old place before your whisked away to the hague?

@tassagency_en erm, yes, we are terrified of the third best army (at best) presently getting its ass handed back to it in Ukraine,

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