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@visegrad24 Putin tells himself Poland wants to absorb Ukraine, Ukraine is full of Nazis and that NATO wants Ukraine to join its alliance so that NATO can invade southern Russia by land. He tells himself a lot things.

@visegrad24 Well before that happens Ukraine has to push Russian troops out of Crimea or the Russian troops have to flee on their own.

I guess @tylernewcomb_ opposes sending big trucks to the Ukraine military to use in its fight against Russian invaders. He鈥檚 on Putin鈥檚 side?

This is the only thing keeping NATO from agreeing to attack Russian soil on behalf of Ukraine.

@D0z_M4n_D4rk He鈥檇 still be in a Russian jail because Russia would demand far more Russian POWs be released by Ukraine in exchange for him than Ukraine would be willing to give up.

@MelissaMbarki Russian invasion of Ukraine. Trudeau Liberals doing everything they can to cling to power while enjoying the perks of power. Podcasts. Movies and serieses on streaming.

@dubsndoo It's absolutely fair to blame the government for borrowing heavily & then inflating the money supply in Canada in 2021 as well as hiking carbon pricing and not reducing federal fuel excise taxes, putting us on an inflationary trajectory even before Russia invaded Ukraine

@ClareDalyMEP The offramp is Russian troops unilaterally, unconditionally withdraw to behind the borders as they were in 2013 and a free, fair referendum on whether to stay in Ukraine or join Russia is permitted in any Ukraine oblast that demands a referendum.

@MarkHar40004449 She won鈥檛 designate the IRG as a terror group & by implication she condones Iran鈥檚 sale of weapons to Russia to use against Ukraine.

@francis_scarr If a nuclear weapon detonates anywhere in Ukraine or western Russia you can be certain the Kremlin will try to raise doubts about who set if off. The Kremlin will say it was stolen by Ukrainians or was a NATO nuclear weapon given to the Ukrainians and detonated by Ukrainians.

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