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BREAKING: Ukraine to downgrade diplomatic ties with Iran due to Tehran delivering weapons to Russia

BREAKING: Ukraine's president Zelensky calls in UN General Assembly address for the punishment of Russia

BREAKING: Russia's Putin has declared a partial mobilization in his country, says the West doesn't want peace between Russia and Ukraine.

BREAKING: Ukraine's president says a mass grave has been found in Izyum, a town retaken from Russia.

BREAKING: Putin thanks China's Xi Jinping for Beijing's position on war in Ukraine

BREAKING: Ukraine's president Zelensky was involved in a car accident in Kyiv, but has been unhurt.

BREAKING: Russia says there are currently 'no prospects' for talks with Ukraine

BREAKING: UK's Ministry of Defence says Ukraine's military has made 'significant gains' in the Kharkiv region over the last 24 hours

BREAKING: UK PM Liz Truss expressed 'full backing' to Ukraine's Zelensky

BREAKING: At least 22 people dead in Russian strike on a train and nearby buildings in eastern Ukraine

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