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'Ukrainians will keep fighting in the belief that to cut a deal that offers Putin a compensatory slice of Ukraine, would be to guarantee another war.' ✍️ Svitlana Morenets

‘Putin is intentionally preparing the Russian people psychologically for a long and merciless war in Ukraine.’ ✍️ Nigel Jones

One year on: how will the Ukraine war end? ✍️ Owen Matthews

Are Brits losing sympathy for Ukraine? ✍️ Steven Casey

Tank warfare: why the West is worried about arming Ukraine 👇 ✍️ Mark Galeotti

The Russians are hoping that if they bleed out Ukraine’s better units now they will hold onto the territory they have seized ✍️ Jack Watling

Germany - and Nato - should be ashamed of its grudging support for Ukraine 👇

'Today's flurry of resignations is a good sign and a clear signal that no politician is untouchable.' ✍️ Svitlana Morenets: Zelensky is serious about cleaning up corruption in Ukraine

It’s time to make Boris Johnson special envoy to Ukraine 👇 ✍️ Fraser Nelson

'The safest policy, perhaps, then, is to assume that Russia will launch a nuclear attack, at least in Ukraine, before we see the back of its forces in Crimea and the Donbas.' ✍️ Sergey Radchenko

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