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Will Nato accept Ukraine? ✍️ Svitlana Morenets

'The worse Putin does in the war with Ukraine, and the more civil unrest he faces at home, the more unpredictable his decisions are likely to become.' ✍️ Lisa Haseldine

'The Ukrainians have already released footage of them slamming, like the V1 rockets which tormented London in the latter days of the Second World War, into civilian areas.' ✍️ James Snell on Iran's drones above Ukraine

Iran’s ‘kamikaze’ drones take to the skies above Ukraine: Russia has a new weapon in its armoury ✍️ James Snell

Ukraine will likely win the war ✍️ David Petraeus

‘It is perhaps unsurprising in retrospect that the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) proved incapable of conducting a western-style air war against Ukraine.’ ✍️ Justin Bronk

‘The Wagner Group thrives in the shadows, but now its founder has been caught on camera: recruiting prisoners from a Russian penal colony for the war in Ukraine.’ ✍️ Lisa Haseldine

'Ukraine’s stunning Kharkiv offensive victory is an unmitigated military disaster for the Kremlin, and one that will demand a rapid response. However, all of the potential choices for how to respond are deeply problematic...' ✍️ Justin Bronk

Ukraine’s stunning Kharkiv offensive is an unmitigated military disaster for the Kremlin ✍️ Justin Bronk

Ukraine stuns Putin (again) with its northern offensive 👇 ✍️ Svitlana Morenets

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