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Retired former Clinical Psychologist. Always had a consuming interest in understanding human behavio
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Notice how she doesn't condemn Ukrainians for killing its own citizens in east Ukraine for 8+ years. The Canadian government has ZERO credibility & consistently gaslights its citizens.

We need more of this in Canada. She should also call out Canada's training Nazis in the Ukraine military & supporting a government that has jailed the opposition. If she can do that then I'll vote for the NDP.

But the Western dupes WANT to believe Russia is the bad guy. Ukraine is an evil state! FACT! Ukraine & NATO are seriously crazy! If they do this false flag operation, we could all be done. INSANITY!!!!!!

You mean there are Nazis in Ukraine? Who knew, LOL! Watch the doc & learn the war crimes perpetrated by Ukraine.

You mean like in Ukraine & Israel. TWO MONSTROSITIES! Better get the hell out of Ukraine because NATO troops fighting there is insanity!

Trudeau thinks that Ukraine killing people in the Donbass is fine. They are his unworthy victims. SHAME ON HIM!

Waste! Russia will blow them all up hopefully! Either that or Ukraine will sell them on the net!

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