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Quentin Sommerville
BBC Correspondent
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The short life of baby Serhii, killed in a Ukraine maternity ward “For the entire nine months she had carried the baby, her country had been under attack, her life — and her son’s — constantly at risk.” @schmidtsam7 https://t.co/WJ9TjdPSve

Read: The Mariupol Plan: “Putin’s assault on Ukraine and his attack on American democracy have until now been treated largely as two distinct story lines…Yet those two narratives came together that summer night at the Grand Havana Room.” @jimrutenberg https://t.co/4K0rLTV5N2

A year on the frontlines. Here’s some of my work from Ukraine, made with @dcinfocus You’ll need to log on to YouTube as some of it is age restricted. There is more to come. https://t.co/YkrP9tiSAL https://t.co/8ALBd9njBQ

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