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@Maks_NAFO_FELLA I don't like him and I actually don't like the whole German politics at the moment.... yes, we as the West are all to blame for this horror happening, but Germany is the main culprit.... so hurry the hell up with the delivery of everything Ukraine needs!

@KimDotcom Such a big BS.. oh dear, i was always sure you're clever Kim.. but since you blame Ukraine for Americas mistakes.. just stupid

@mhmck Feel guilty and ashamed of our Government 馃槗馃様 I'm sorry that we don't do more for Ukraine.. yes we take care of the refugees but there can be done much more.. it really makes me sad.. very sad 馃槩

@billy_facts_69 Know this from my family in Ukraine.. it's worst imaginable nightmare.. i think i can't handle this movie.. it's already too much what's happening now 馃槗 ruZZia is pure evil!

@blackintheempir And this has to do with Ukraine...? Hello, are you here or already out of the house? Just the unfortunately not very educated people mix history with now... but yes, sometimes a picture is worth more than a thousand words... too bad stupidity doesn't hurt 馃う馃徎鈥嶁檪锔

@SlavaUk30722777 I was there a month ago and I really have to say that it is the most beautiful city in Ukraine that I have ever visited, once this horror is over I would recommend the visit to anyone 馃挋馃挍馃グ

Thank you Poland, you are great people and I really love you... thank you for everything you do for Ukraine.... I am enjoying Warsaw right now and I always feel almost at home in Poland.... at home like in Ukraine 馃鉂わ笍馃挋馃挍

@democracynow I also would like that there is a way to stop this war and negotiate but ruzzia did too many horrible things.. this war can just be won by Ukraine or lost by whole mankind..

The missiles that hit Ukraine today came from Belarusian territory.... what are we waiting for... they are just as guilty as Ruzzia... no government is ever an excuse!!! #belarusisaterroriststate

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