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@grantshapps Oh dear things going badly? Must be time to mention the Ukraine! Which avatars did you use on the xall? https://t.co/m796CJIECe

@RishiSunak your attempts to regain the trust of the electorate are going well Rishi! But maybe a trip to the Ukraine or attack on migrants will take peoples minds of it.

@RishiSunak @nadhimzahawi all going terribly well! Maybe a visit to the Ukraine is called for! Always worked for BoJo!

@RishiSunak all going terribly well isn't it? Maybe time to send some stuff to the Ukraine!

@RishiSunak are you sure you can cope with this? Maybe mention the Ukraine? https://t.co/pvcivxKK4T

@grantshapps Things going badly in the polls? Just mention the Ukraine! Which identity are you using on your jaunt https://t.co/I3Rzvr1Nxy

@RishiSunak it's getting worse quick mention the Ukraine or small boats to increase your popularity!

Hey @RishiSunak it's getting worse quick mention the Ukraine or migrants!

@10DowningStreet @RishiSunak Quick mention the Ukraine! The public are seeing through the propaganda again.

@RishiSunak @LulaOficial Any sign of the 40 new hospitals you promised? Thought not. Too busy trying to distract us. Mention Ukraine next! https://t.co/cEgYlezfFs

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