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Taiwan launches English language TV channel to give it more international punch https://t.co/PKGEju9Ccs via @YahooNews Like US,West,EU and Ukraine daily bulletin,now Taiwan chose to spread fake and false edited favourable news in western TV 's and medias?

U.S. defense secretary sees no imminent invasion of Taiwan by China https://t.co/zUxcQyF4PE via @YahooNews US spokes person,now China's? Change of color to suit,unreliable? Coming days or months,Ukraine too to face the same sequence because of Putin's tough stand,me or you? Any

2 US veterans who went to fight for Ukraine but were captured by Russia said they were beaten, abused, and lost 30 pounds each in captivity https://t.co/OQKHacM7X1 @Yahoo Thank Russia for releasing back as pow alive,just recall how NATO butchered pow's in Afghan,Syria and Iraq?

In Washington, Putin's Nuclear Threats Stir Growing Alarm https://t.co/RrNPKFCzzD via @YahooNews Should President Vladimir Putin decide to use a tactical nuclear weapon to make up for the failings of Russian troops in Ukraine. Not Putin is failing,but West is in fact trembling,

Putin recasts his Ukraine war as Russia鈥檚 struggle against the West https://t.co/4byIsOpuwN via @YahooNews At whose behest the reporter maligns Putin? Too much west trolling,now back fires every where?

Tories were torn off already during Boris period itself,now Liz Truss is an add on to rub more by UK citizens? When honesty is lost,all are lost,hence political parties must be fair in each and every deal to shine? UK is Ukraine soldier on same foot steps of US-out dated hateful

-Biden side or Putin? Is it a war in between US and Russia,no,then why funding and arms supply to third countries of Ukraine,Taiwan and elsewhere unconcerned? Not known why UN is fumbling to act against it's own charter? Why media wars by west daily from thousand voices unlike

Petraeus: War in Ukraine 鈥榣ooks very dire indeed for Vladimir Putin鈥 https://t.co/GrhSnru60i via @YahooNews Not dire indeed to PUTIN,BUT to BIDEN? Why US and EU are trembling now by waking up the equal world giant's supreme power equal to that OF USA? Who stoked Nuke options-

ongoing escalated Ukraine attack,to save this beautiful world as one mother earth and one people to rejoice! If this happens,Biden,Putin and Lapid are the real messiah's of the world!

Lapid for such lovely approach! Lapid deserves NOBLE peace prize in recognition of this magnanimity! People also thank US for this gesture! Let US and Russia,like LAPID's wisdom, by keeping aloof of NATO,EU and Ukraine, can find a blossom solution to end the enmity on the

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