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Students can travel to Ukraine. However, considering safety and security situation in Ukraine, Indian citizens have been advised to leave Ukraine: MOS MEA @M_Lekhi in Lok Sabha in response to a question

"Today the (global) south is feeling the pain (the Ukraine conflict)..somebody has to speak up for them. Developed world is looking at thr concern", says EAM Jaishankar on India voicing concerns of the Global South via the Voice of Global South Summit

Most important step was that we as the聽EU聽succeeded with partners like the United States, but also China and India, in making it clear that there can be no nuclear escalation: German FM Baerbock on Russia, Ukraine conflict

Indian Army chief says Army carried out assesment on Russia Ukraine conflict & lessons from it "in our context" which will be "incorporated in larger weapon platform".

Army Chief says thr is impact on import of spares, ammunition due to Russia Ukraine conflict. Points, India got waiver to import them and looking at alternative sources.

"The security & economic fallout of the Russia Ukraine conflict is known to us", says the Indian Army chief. On immediate neighborhood points to 'security challenges'

Most of the global challenges have not been created by global south, but the impact is more. We have seen this in covid, climate change, terrorism, Ukraine conflict: PM Modi

"For many African countries, the fertilizer issue is a top priority. If there is not enough fertilizer coming from Russia and Ukraine, there will be global food shortages and famine in a few months or years.."says EAM Jaishankar

What happened in Ukraine is closer to Europe. Europe has a different history with Russia than India. We also have different interests in Ukraine than you do, says EAM Jaishankar

"Oil prices have doubled as a result of the Ukraine war. In such a situation, if you get a better price than other countries, you still pay much more than before. The oil market is also driven up by sanctions against Iran or what is happening in Venezuela", says EAM Jaishankar

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