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@EdlewiessN @Hati_Sayo @ZelenskyyUa @POTUS Climate change is a valid concern, however people are dying in Ukraine at the moment. Russia doesn't care about the climate. Their energy production is notoriously dirty.

@PaulStephenn @WarMonitor3 I know Boris Johnson in last significant aid gave close to 25% of UK artillery to Ukraine. In addition to the training program in the UK. Canada will begin participating in the training soon as well.

@PaulStephenn @WarMonitor3 We only have around 900 towed artillery pieces. I think we gave close to 100 of the M777 to Ukraine. We aren't a artillery heavy military. Rely on air dominance and technology for military objectives.

@KuldkeppMart To be fair Ukraine isn't the first country Russia invaded. Georgia, Chechnya, Syria..

@POTUS @JakeSullivan46 Congress and the American people has even in this partisan political climate overwhemingly supported giving ATACMS to Ukraine. It is not an escalation over what Russia has already done. Do the right thing and help Ukraine end Russia's war crimes.

@WarMonitor3 @POTUS get these weapons to Ukraine asap. Including ATACMS, air defense systems, and work on getting them trained on fighter jets. Stop being scared and act. This is coming from a American citizen.

@issow030 @InnaSovsun I wouldn't go right now as the war is still going on. Especially if you aren't offering yourself to volunteer work or military service. Ukraine isn't a tourist spot right now. There is martial law and valuable resources are directed to civilians and servicemembers.

@AlexKhayrullin @WarMonitor3 Thomas Jefferson author of our Declaration of Independence also said "When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty." May God bless their endeavors as well as Ukraine's.

@DoornLaurens @RobinHoodKnave @KyivIndependent These countries want to be free. Why do you think Poland is buying 500 HIMARS plus other weapons? That the Baltics are taking such a rightfully so hardline stance? Estonia, tiny as it is, gave Ukraine 1/3 of its annual defense budget. Sweden and Finland joining NATO.

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