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@LynneJordanActs @BernieSpofforth Crimea was taken during Obama鈥檚 term, and Putin waited for Biden to invade Ukraine. Democrats are the ones who want mail in voting, which they admitted previously is just begging for fraud. Tell me again who hates democracy and enables Putin. https://t.co/zOPQQJL3Af

@Fez100 @Sargon_of_Akkad @LBC @ShelaghFogarty Go home to Ukraine and fight with your fellows, or admit you are a coward and a racist who hates Russians for being Russian.

@EdOznerol @LabradorLady4 @ShopgirlAlic @RepBoebert 鈥楳ajor Legislation鈥 is an arbitrary term, and an irrelevant one. It is not right to have a general funding measure in the same vote as funding a war. 鈥淲anna keep funding FEMA? Gotta send $100B to Ukraine!鈥

@nancydesmond3 @MonicaCrowley This happened during Obama鈥檚 term too?! Just like Russia invading Ukraine, it just took having a Dummycrat in charge. 馃槀 https://t.co/LhccbBfFie

@McFaul Why is it not ok for Putin to escalate but it鈥檚 ok for Biden to send tanks to Ukraine?

@pragmoso @DylanBurns1776 @mtracey A German communist that hates Russia and Nazis, but supports Ukraine - who has actual Nazis. You are so confused, I pity you.

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