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Macron: "Russia cannot & must not prevail. As long as it attacks, it will be necessary for us to continue (...) the military support necessary to preserve Ukraine...this evening we will discuss together [Scholz] the operational needs of Ukraine"

@RittOnTwitt75 Doesn鈥檛 matter if you convince Ukraine but not Russia.

Makes a lot of sense. Fighter jet expectations seem a bit inflated this afternoon. But probability of Ukraine getting fast jets at some point is now fairly high.

Eurofighter Typhoon is not a good option for Ukraine.

鈥淲e will also ensure, consistent with our legal systems, that Russia has no access to the assets we have frozen鈥ntil it ends鈥 its violation of Ukraine鈥檚 sovereignty and territorial integrity. We will pursue all lawful routes to ensure that Russian assets are made available鈥︹

London Declaration: 鈥淭he UK is working with Ukraine to help develop their longer-term force structures and capabilities, to reverse Russian gains and build towards a deterrence force of the future.鈥

Sunak says Ukraine will be operating Challenger 2s by March. 鈥淭he Ukrainian crews who arrived last week will be using Challenger 2 tanks to defend Ukraine鈥檚 sovereign territory next month.鈥 Maybe they will take part in an offensive after all 鈥

Estonian intel: "In the autumn of 2022, Belarus also began to supply Russia with T-72 tanks. According to our information, Russia鈥檚 Defence Ministry also demanded that Belarusian experts be sent to Russia to repair equipment damaged in the war in Ukraine."

What an army. 鈥淯kraine has released extraordinary video footage that appears to show Russian fighters dragging their badly wounded commander away from the battlefield, and then beating him violently with what appear to be shovels.鈥

鈥淢ean颅while, Ukraine鈥檚 mil颅i颅tary in颅tel颅li-gence on Mon颅day said Rus颅sia was pre颅paring to pur颅chase a fresh batch of Sha颅hed-136 sui颅cide drones from Iran af颅ter launch颅ing more than 660 into Ukraine since Oc颅to颅ber.鈥

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