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@Talk_to_RM @DagnyTaggart963 @Blackrussiantv back up. fight who ? No horse in this race. that鈥檚 the point as a Brit ZERO interest in Russia Ukraine from a danger to 馃嚞馃嚙 perspective. But as a seeker of truth and justice. In this case I support the People of Donbas. they chose Russia. AmericaUKEU mind ur own biZ

@Talk_to_RM @DagnyTaggart963 @Blackrussiantv History is continuous. Ukraine sees it Russia sees it. the pause button is all that separates peace from war. there is NO line to draw. the rationale from both sides is about History. History is not the past it鈥檚 the present and guides the future. always.

@PaulHal83159238 saw that. straight from the ever reliable mouthpiece in Kyiv. btw Ukraine Western MSM NO observers at Referendums. so they know nothing. Independent German UK Dutch French observers to be sanctioned for even reporting. such is the paranoia to 馃洃 馃悜 in the West seeing Truth.

@MariaNiCholmain @RegularGuy308 Don鈥檛 think Russia America or Ukraine care re about #IrishNeutrality or whatever that even means in this context. Those underwater cables are soft targets to disrupt or cut to Big Powers who have the Underwater Drone technology. Russia is winning. Doesn鈥檛 need to escalate.

on espionage you never know. Ukraine - Prime Suspect for me Poland USA Russia ( all gotta be there in a whodunnit) all suspects. Bring in Hercule Poirot.

@3tokzcloser @akhileshbadoni7 don鈥檛 be so sure. real politik. listen to what she espouses. Can you disagree with any of it? A true patriot of Italy and somebody the calibre I would love to have ( again ) in Britain. why should Italy support Ukraine or Russia. It needs to worry about it it鈥檚 own economy.

@apmassaro3 and with CCP 馃嚚馃嚦 having RUSSIA鈥檚 back ALL the way too. Go explain exactly how NATO can force the unconditional surrender of Russia in Ukraine ( cos that鈥檚 what it will take) without nuclear armageddon? you so irresponsible.

@pir8sqrl666 @RALee85 Oh I see u really don鈥檛 get it. the referendum changes everything. After next week attacking Donetsk with illegal Petal Mines be like Ukraine bombing Moscow. u really think Russia even been trying so far. OMG you are in for a big surprise.

@cosminDZS @fing_hell is Ukraine a democracy 馃ぁ don鈥檛 think so. One Party State. Private Nazi style Security Service. complete control of Media. Trudeau Biden Macron VdeL must look on jealously.

@RALee85 maybe maybe not. won鈥檛 really matter though. Next Week Russia 馃嚪馃嚭 starts the real Military Operation in Ukraine. a formal ultimatum to leave sovereign Russian territory of the 4 new Oblasts. then WAR. but not with kid gloves. not this time.

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