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Ukraine鈥檚 recent battlefield successes near Kerson continue to show that, with enough support from the West, they can win this war. Ukraine has proven that they deserve the support of freedom-loving countries around the world who value the territorial integrity of all nations.

Ukraine is a sovereign country and has every right to defend itself from Russia鈥檚 brutal attack. As Ukrainian forces continue to advance on the battlefield, we must provide them with the weapons they need to maintain their momentum.

The liberation of Kherson is another well-executed and hard-fought victory that sends the message to the world that with the with the right tools, Ukraine can win this war.

Brave Ukrainian soldiers once again show us that, with the right tools, they can win this war. The U.S. must not let up in our support for #Ukraine.

Great news out of southern #Ukraine today. This is the result of a well-executed and patient Ukrainian counteroffensive that was made possible by U.S. military aid, particularly HIMARS.

The war crimes committed by Vladimir Putin and his associates are reprehensible and Russia should be held accountable for their horrific actions. #Ukraine has the right to defend itself against this unjustified invasion and the U.S. must not let up in our support now.

As Ukraine continues to defend itself against this brutal Russian invasion, it is clear that Ukrainian soldiers are putting weapons and equipment they receive from the West to good use.

It is critical that we come together as a global community to hold Vladimir Putin and his regime accountable, just as we have come together to support #Ukraine鈥檚 fight to defend itself.

President Putin must be held accountable for these crimes. This is why we went to The Hague to meet with officials from the International Criminal Court and Prosecutor Khan to discuss how the U.S. can better support their efforts to deliver justice to the people of Ukraine.

During my visit to Kyiv with @ChrisCoons, we saw compelling evidence that Vladimir Putin and other Russian leaders are committing atrocities and war crimes in #Ukraine.

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