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@EbojfmCbtum @RWApodcast Lol ok expert. Definitely will listen to you. Also you didn鈥檛 answer answer my other question. You do do have strange opinions since this isn鈥檛 the only comment you posted on this account. Youd do better in pro Ukraine accounts

@EbojfmCbtum @RWApodcast You always have some strange opinions. Why do tou even bother commenting here? Go to pro Ukraine accounta and share your opnions there.

@angry_chopin @AliES19767811 @200_zoka He got elected because he promised to end the war in Donbass. He didn鈥檛 because the US would not allow it. Then came the Minks accords and those weren鈥檛 signed by Zelensky either. Ukraine had many chances to avert this war but their masters interests goes first

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