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@RT_com He鈥檚 the Ukrainian president visiting another part of Ukraine 馃榾. Putin would understand if he ever left his Kremlin bunker

@danielmkovalik 馃槀 yes, Americans hate Russians, that must be the reason Putin invaded Ukraine, they鈥檙e always the victims

@RT_com Oh but Vladimir has Ukraine鈥檚 best interests at heart 馃槀

鈥淟eave us alone so we can subjugate Ukraine and force it to be a Russian puppet state because we still have a complex due to the loss of Soviet territories鈥

@socialista_jose @cloptinothe @briebriejoy False. Israel has a substantial Russian Jewish expat community and maintains a good relationship with Putin. Hence Israel鈥檚 recent refusal to supply weapons to Ukraine.

@cloptinothe @socialista_jose @briebriejoy We aren鈥檛 鈥渋n Ukraine,鈥 we are definitely helping Ukraine, but children are not the reason for it. Let me roll my eyes at Palestinian kids being blown up and I鈥檓 sure you鈥檒l think that鈥檚 cool right?

@troll__patroll @RT_com Literally not one single person in Ukraine has ever been 鈥渇orbidden鈥 to use Russian 馃槀. It鈥檚 spoken by 40% of the population including President Zelensky

@ArtyomLukin He鈥檚 saying aloud what most Russians seem to be thinking. I see them on VK saying Ukraine deserves to be nuked off the map for daring to challenge Russian supremacy

@ArtyomLukin Russians are delusional 馃槴. 鈥淚f Ukraine won鈥檛 be our friend, we鈥檒l just force them to be!鈥

@Shamroc95976688 @KulikowskiKuba @cathyraats @ArtyomLukin Donbas is Ukraine. So that is an uprising within their country. 馃榾

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