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Russia Pulls Back from Areas in Kharkiv Region as Ukraine Makes Gains

Ukraine Asks Europe for More Weapons, Offers Gas to Curb Rising Prices by @KyleAnzalone_ and @TheWillPorter

Biden administration to ship them off to the Azov Battalion fighting to stop the Russians in Ukraine

Antiwar News 8/23/22: Russia Says Ukraine Killed Journalist, Iran Says US Procrastinating, and More

@jacquel65018859 Trump escalated Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, SOCOM throughout Africa, sent arms to Ukraine, staged provocative war games against Russia and China, built up the navy in the Pacific, etc., etc. for four years. He murdered hundreds of thousands of people.

This morning on Antiwar Radio: @KyleAnzalone_ on the Russia-Ukraine war and Pelosi's trip to Taiwan 9:00 Pacific, 90.7 FM @KPFK in Los Angeles,

30 years straight of failed wars, 8-10 color coups de tat, expanding our major military alliance to include 31 nations, including the Baltics and de facto membership for Ukraine, plus the "pivot" to China... CFR: Time to end this long period of isolation and get to intervening!

Jesus Christ is preparing to Return! Says here all you have to do is unquestioningly support Israel and Ukraine at war and He'll surely rapture you straight up to Heaven any day now!

7/22/22 Kyle Anzalone on the Ukraine-Russia Grain Deal and the Evolving State of the War

This morning on Antiwar Radio: @KyleAnzalone_ on the war in Ukraine 9:00 Pacific 90.7 FM KPFK in L.A.

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