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From beautiful Britanny,France.Defensor Activo Foro Penal 馃嚭馃嚫馃嚝馃嚪馃嚮馃嚜 馃嚭馃嚘#OnVaLaR茅cup茅rerNotreFrance # StandWithUkraine# PatriaYVida
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@Reuters Biggest BS artist. A fake christian, I read he is an ex KGB dude, blessing tanks, canons and soldiers who are off to wage a wage a war of destruction, of genocide in Ukraine does not qualify as a Christian but most certainly as a DEVIL WORSHIPPER 馃懣

@ozemljani @Faustus83 @TadeuszGiczan @mbk_center Thats a lie and you know it. the US DID NOT REDUCE Afghanistan, Irak or L铆bia to a pile of rubble. They built up Kabul. Syria, Grozny ,Mariupol and many Ukraine cities were completely bombed and destroyed by Russians. Its their doctrine mate. Reduce all infrastructure to bits.

@snobfielder @kathrynw5 Nothing to do with or without NATO. So many East European countries joined NATO to prevent what is now happening to Ukraine . Russia invades, kills, destroys, loots, kidnaps then plays victim. WTF? They grossly miscalculated this time.

@otocan24 @Robert64434833 @wartranslated The plan is to rebuild is the whole russian empire. Old style imperialism or colonialism. If the folks conquered r茅sist Russia will destroy them like they鈥檙e doing in Ukraine then steal their wealth and resources, like theyre doing in Ukraine. Wish the Africans would realize this

@JuliaDavisNews @frenchieinlimbo This must be some sort of Russian group therapy for mentally ill people. Their obsession with wiping out Ukraine, destroying it completely is fascinating. This is live Orwelian 1984, the two minute hate segment in the book. This is the ugly face of Russian Fachism

@ERIS4ThePEOPLE Oh no its a Trump speech at a Trump rally. No need for 谩udio,its the same nonsense BS delivered in the same mon贸tone voice.Speaking of brainless his iniciative and leadership h谩s contributed 100% to Ukraine kicking Russia鈥檚 ass.The red hair guy would have sold them down the River

@parallelmonoga1 @IndustryPuppet @OlenaHalushka I have been listening to this russian BS for six months. The Azovs Nazis, Bandera the murderer,the 20,000 killed and they even change the number each month. Is this to hide the destruction of Ukraine? The 10million refugees? The 100,000 victims and counting? The tortured bodies?

@markphughes17 @patrickoborn @JuliaDavisNews They created that fiction- denazification- out of a few photos of Azov volunteers displaying nazi symbols which of course meant that the whole of Ukraine is one big nazi outfit with a jewish President.Their mentor, Aleksandr Dugin was a real nazi believer s贸 was his late daughter

@McFaul If you watch Russian tv via Julia Davis news or French streaming network LCI you will note they are just as rabid,full of hate,vengeful as they鈥檝e ever been in their denying Ukraine right to exist, in calling them Nazis.Their hysterics are reminiscent of Nazi Josef Goebbels rants

@IuliiaMendel @ZelenskyyUa Excellent thread. It needs to be retweeted and shared. Russian media still labels and dismises Ukraine as a Nazi state. Theyre are obsessed with this lie. Thanks for publishing this thread. 馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦

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