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@hodgetwins It's called coding, they do a data dump & move over her votes to the Democrats. Or maybe these servers are in Ukraine?

@RepMTG While we send billions to Ukraine a lady walking down the street gets hit with a lead pipe by a homeless man. Or a mother walking her baby gets run over. It's truly disgusting how these folks in govt have completely neglected & abandoned Americans.

@mikepompeo The American people don't care about Ukraine. We've got families & bills to pay. We're not stupid we understand what's going on. Your rhetoric is a waste of time wouldn't you rather be playing golf or fishing?

@TimRunsHisMouth @elonmusk Is that $8 for Twitter or Ukraine? If Ukraine is winning why are we and Europe still sending billions to Mr. Z?

@catturd2 Why don't you speak up about the Billions we've given Ukraine, Israel, Jordon , Saudi Arabia, Iraq. Wells Fargo, GM, PennyMac, should I go on?.. Hypocrite.

@LakotaMan1 My army buddy has spent years trying to collect benefits for the lung damage he got from being stationed in middle east. Yet with the stroke of pen Ukraine gets a billion dollar blank check. Wake up! It's not our military, it's theirs.

@mikepompeo Yes, we know your spiel. We're sick of Ukraine! Were dealing with fentanyl crisis, homeless, high inflation. People can't afford their pets animal shelters are full to the max. Enough already.. Disgusted.

@mikepompeo You knew this nine months ago.. Ukraine is no match for Russia. Doesn't take a genius to see Russia was provoked. Can we get back to life now? Americans are really hurting right now.

@scrowder I want her to win too. But the Rinos, Cartel have a strong hold on the AZ they won't let go. We're talking billions of dollars that flow thru the border. For whatever reason we can send billions to Ukraine but our borders remain open.

@ZelenskyyUa @vonderleyen Glad to hear it! It's the EU turn to send blank checks to Ukraine; America is tapped out. We're printing money from air & we wonder why we have inflation.

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