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The same people criticising Amnesty International not over the contents of the Ukraine report, but over the fact that a report criticising Ukraine was written at all, would probably have criticised human rights groups for bringing Guantanamo Bay to light.

It's so ludicrous to suggest that either side has committed anything close to a genocide in Ukraine that it makes a mockery of the term itself.

If people want to say 'Ukraine is defending its country against a far more powerful aggressor, they can do what they like', then there's an element of validity to that argument. But it doesn't mean Amnesty International is biased or their report isn't true.

Amnesty International has criticised Ukraine for setting up military bases in schools and hospitals and launching attacks from populated residential areas. Though it adds such tactics in no way justify Russia's indiscriminate attacks.

Where does Armenia vs Azerbaijan stand in the current thing stakes? Are we supposed to: a) Support Armenia b) Support Azerbaijan c) Complain that everybody is talking about Taiwan and Ukraine while nobody cares about the poor people in Nagorno-Karabakh

@EwanMacKenna If a bunch of Remainers in London violently overthrew the UK government, decided to stay in the EU and sent the army to Barnsley to beat up the locals I doubt they'd be best pleased about it. So not sure why it's hard to believe Donbas wouldn't want a bar of post-Maidan Ukraine.

@admirim Those people aren't the government, or even in the ruling party. You wouldn't put a statement from Jeremy Corbyn and say it was the British position. Ukraine's Foreign Ministry won't even use the word 'Kosovo'.

Ukraine is siding with Russia 😂

@YeomansRory Though Kosovo Is Serbia was one of the few things pro-Russians and Ukrainian nationalists agreed on in pre-2014 Ukraine.

@UrbanExplorer00 @RWApodcast Assume it was fine to support Russia sports teams then, just not the dissolution of the Ukrainian state. Now, probably different. Ukraine flags were few and far between there when we went, red and black flags non-existent.

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