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@DagnyTaggart963 Yess please, allocate all your buget to Ukraine @RepMTG , @SenTedCruz , @GovRonDeSantis- no better spend of your people's money than Ukraine. Heard you just has a hurricane there. Man up, Ukr needs it more! 馃槈

@djuric_zlatko @DagnyTaggart963 Sure, Ukraine 馃ぃ The Kiev, T shirt 馃ぁ, and the nazi bunch. Welcome to US

@RepMTG You did not post all the bil going to Ukraine 馃榿 While illegals are invading US They just exploded Eu energetic infrastructure, so .. watch out. They are up for anything. Best of luck 鉂わ笍

@antonioguterres Stop supplying weapons to Ukraine, to have peace in Europe ! 鉂わ笍

Latest news: After coming under fire from Ukraine Embassy and some local pro US politicians (currently in opposition), former Foreign Min Andrei Marga came with additional reaction : 'I stand behind my statement! It is based on history!' And Romanian people stand behind him 馃し

In addition: issue with the Crimea should be closed 鈥 this territory should belong to Russia. Marga also noted that Romania has nothing to do with the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Marga is a man of culture, was head of one of most prestigious Universities in Romania.

@vonderleyen @ZelenskaUA You forgot to mention ukraininan & US bombs. Half of Ukraine is bombed by their own regime. Also you forget to mention that their teachers are arrested by your buddy. Let me help you fill in the gaps

@Dpol_un She tells the story of a russian speaker from Donbass. The story of all minorities in Ukr, under Ukr regime. I wish she was a minority living in Ukraine. To have the possibility to tell her own, lived, story. I imagine that. Ignorance..

@vonderleyen @EU_Commission The situation in Europe requires much more. It is bankruptcy. From where next aid to Ukraine, when our economy is collapsed?

@paperpro @Reuters If you forget Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afganistan, Ukraine... sure. But I don't

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