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@trussliz @ZelenskyyUa Leaf out of Johnson’s book. That’s exactly what he used to do, hop on a plane to Ukraine! We don’t care what is going on there at present, more concerned about domestic policy, you utter narcissist.

@midnightmix @craigymcmillan He’s practically a billionaire ( Ukraine pre war was the most corrupt European country )

@WasiqUK Your statements are nonsensical. Taliban rule is legitimate, sharia is also legitimate. Stop pandering to the West who are corrupt and hypocritical. Afghan refugees were not given the same legal status as those blond haired blue eyed ones from Ukraine.

@nadhimzahawi Stop sending aid to Ukraine. We as country can no longer afford. All other countries have a grip on their comedic energy suppliers. You’ve made good oil deals during short tenure.

@johnredwood Stop the war in Ukraine and all energy/fuel prices will drop. End.

@Howardiino @_BvdM I watched a video earlier on where he states that we all paying higher energy/fuel prices as sacrifice for the Ukraine war 😤😤 are energy bills are shooting up because of the war and nothing else.

@JonathanPieNews @Forthemanynott5 Poor wife looks like she been dragged out as maybe Zelenski is wearing himself out. Life is going on in Ukraine.

@mrsorokaa Boris has a lot in common with Ukraine reputation ( pre war), not in a positive manner either.

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