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Jews are last in line for human rights but first in the firing line. Israel wasn't created cos of the Holocaust. The Holocaust happened cos there was no Israel
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@Jonathan_K_Cook Among your big fibs about occupation (lie) and siege (lie) and paleslime (lie).....Ukraine is not Palestine Having exposed how special you are, muted cos I NEVER ARGUE WITH STUPID PEOPLE. THEY WILL DRAG YOU DOWN TO THEIR LEVEL AND BEAT YOU WITH EXPERIENCE

Mahmoud Abbas supports Russia's invasion of Ukraine: "Russia adheres to justice and international law"

Using Israeli Intelligence, Ukraine Easily Destroys Russia’s Iranian-Made Kamikaze Drones via @JewishPress

@DavidLe28123616 I'm not trying to rub it in but merely to comment that Ukraine expects but wants it's own actions against Israel to be ignored. No one can just take and take without giving something and to expect a one way street when Ukraine has betrayed Israel for decades is unconscionable

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