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@bubbleIPL nuts making this chest-thumping speech when like 3k Russian troops are encircled at Lyman and Ukraine's got fire control on the the only escape route

defending the world from gay marriage and the transgender agenda with a war of aggression on Ukraine https://t.co/GvMPHh9DFm

@jesseltaylor well, a huge chunk of Ukraine is no longer under brutal Russian occupation, so鈥

some truly nutty drama over Ukraine this weekend, my goodness

@09mshatraw oh for sure. I worried about the planned offensive myself, Ukraine doesn't have that many troops, but from what I've read those HIMARS have been wrecking shit up and the Russians are super demoralized

does seem like Ukraine has made significant progress in this offensive, though who knows if they'll be able to maintain it https://t.co/ypprb5p3jF

I鈥檇 add in the case of Ukraine it is quite clear the whole business has little to do with capitalism, it鈥檚 all about nationalist chauvinism, declining former great power syndrome, internal politics of a dictatorship, etc

"He heard the gravelly voice of Dmitry Kozak, the Kremlin deputy chief of staff, who was born in Ukraine but had long ago entered Putin鈥檚 inner circle. Kozak said it was time for the Ukrainians to surrender. Yermak swore at Kozak and hung up." https://t.co/C6bnAZ49ka

@stephenjudkins seems like it took some time for all the trade snarls to bite, much multiplied by the Ukraine disaster

@LaineJoakim @Hanksingler great point. maybe if she didn't dance now and then there wouldn't have been a pandemic and Putin wouldn't have invaded Ukraine

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