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66 year young man. Trump won... here to read comments from like minded people... oh.. love dogs.. es
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@jmbenson1491 Ukraine is bribing Biden and others in DC, and taxpayers keep paying the bribe.

@GuntherEagleman @POTUS USA is being bribed. The criminals are paying Ukraine to not tell all the secrets. It's why Biden was installed, and the cash flow will never end.

@DataDrivenMD If you are so intelligent, why are you standing with Ukraine. You like standing with criminals who are extorting billions of taxpayer dollars from our illegal criminal administration. To keep our fraudulent president safe from being exposed by the criminal Zelensky. U R stupid.

@ChuckCallesto Breaking Report: Corrupt Ukraine government threatens to expose Biden and all the other DC RATS, if he doesn't receive 1 billion more tax payer dollars.

@SquillMama America could run on much less than what is generated through income tax. Because politicians obviously have so much more than they know what to do with. So they send it here and there (Ukraine), and funnel it back into their bank accounts. In other words, they steal it.

@RickyDoggin Money. And lots of it. Just look at the money being sent to Ukraine. We need to do away with income taxes. Criminals funnel two thirds of it back into their own pockets.

@davidalangrier These are Nazis posing as Patriots. The same group fighting Ukraine. They are here in hopes of being the catalyst to a civil war.

@Madisontx76 Yes and put a halt to the sale of baby fetuses. I believe Putin put a stop to the Ukraine baby farms. These nuts that are protesting have no clue whatsoever. Roe vs Wade was based on a lie to begin with.

@yesisworld Plus....... the criminals are out of ammo... failed plandemic... failed war in Ukraine... it goes on and on. All they have left is to find a reason to start burning and looting and provoking. Do not comply.

@mommapike @JackiesClean98 @WGME Yeah, they have spun this around. The real insurrection was on election night. And they also want to keep eyes off of Ukraine. Just like they did with President Trumps first epic fail impeachment.

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