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@TheRickWilson So Trump is suggesting that the US nuke Russia? Or Ukraine? From his term in office, I'd say he's for nuking Ukraine. In either case, you don't want a nuclear war.

@mikepompeo Mike Pompeo jerked Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovitch out of her job to aid Trump's extortion of Ukraine, which ended in Trump's 1st impeachment. I'd say that Pompeo should be nowhere near intelligence. His actions were criminal.

@RepAdamSchiff Here is an item for Pompeo's resume. He jerked Marie Yovanovitch out her her ambassador job to aid Trump's extortion of Ukraine. She was deemed too ethical by Giuliani.

@MayoIsSpicyy That is the intent. The GOP propaganda for Trump/Putin is non stop. The US House now has many voices calling for the end to aid to Ukraine to aid Putin's slaughter of civilians.

Boebert & #PutinsGOP could care less about Ukraine's population as Putin slaughters civilians.

more old news that Boebert ignores (or favors killing Ukraine's population)

Boebert & the rest of #PutinsGOP want more atrocities by denying aid to Ukraine. Here are some "old news" stories.

#PutinsGOP wants to aid Putin by denying military aid to Ukraine. Lauren Boebert critical of Ukraine aid but can she sway Congress? Here's what Colorado experts say via @denverpost

Remember on 7/16/2018, we all saw Trump state his fealty to Putin in Helsinki. Trump then went on to ignore Putin's bounties on US troops & praise Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

The GOP鈥檚 shift against supporting Ukraine hits a new milestone #PutinsGOP Here we see the House GOP set itself up to support Putin as Trump did/does.

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