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I like a good moan,but only about stuff that needs moaning about.Also follow Tranmere Rovers.Gratefu
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@wartranslated A criminal given a chance to earn a pardon. He deserves whatever comes to him. He belongs with Ukraine. A snake.

@DrJamesFord @fidelisanumole @apsamuelson @danielmkovalik No they are not and if they are dead Ukraine killed most of them. Listen to the people who live there not some MSM shill who has never been within 500 miles of the place.

@NicolaSturgeon @ionafyfe @theSNP You support Ukraine who denied to Donbass what Scotland have now and attacked them instead. You want what you deny to others. You have no credibility.

@DniproCityUA @McFaul @SotnykOlena Ukraine started it in 2014 by attacking its own, then, citizens. Russia will end it.

@orr_robinson @sophielouisecc I do not care about you at all. I just think you are an idiot who has no right to complain if they suffer from homophobia because the ones who will be responsible will be 100% on the side of Ukraine NOT Russia. What you do in private is up to you if its legal.

@orr_robinson @sophielouisecc I support Russia stopping Ukraine killing everybody in Donbass because that is what they would have done. You are either lying in your profile or you are stupid. Its one of them.

@orr_robinson @sophielouisecc Every single politician from Ukraine. Not hard to find.

@orr_robinson @sophielouisecc Ukraine will also have to implement democracy, freedom of press and respect for human rights. They have none of them.

@orr_robinson @sophielouisecc You support Ukraine. Probably best if you practice what you preach.

@jensstoltenberg @prezydentpl When will you offer condolences for all the civilians in Ukraine killed by Ukraine. What kind of person are you. Not one i would want near me for certain i can tell you.

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