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Mark R. Pachankis 馃嚭馃嚘馃挋馃挍
father, catholic, american, libertarian, author of ebook "Mud, Blood, and Ink."
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@ScorpionFox5 @angela4LNCChair The troops on Ukraine's border are just an exercise. Those are peacekeepers. We are just de-nazifying Ukraine. Who's the liar?

@ScorpionFox5 @angela4LNCChair why did he let it in now? he took Crimea. He had to build it up. BTW, true or false: Russia armed pro-Russian militants in Ukraine for the past 8 years.

@ScorpionFox5 @angela4LNCChair I could say the same for you. You don't want to be convinced this war was 100% Russia's fault and Russia was not provoked into invading Ukraine.

@ScorpionFox5 @angela4LNCChair so you think the US provoked Russia to invade Ukraine for money? How much money is the US making? I thought we were "giving" weapons and money to them

@ScorpionFox5 @angela4LNCChair how was our intent to provoke? What did we to cause Russia to amass troops on the Ukraine border?

@ScorpionFox5 @angela4LNCChair 1990: Lithuania declares independence from USSR. USSR invades. NATO stays out of it. 2006: Russia invades Georgia. NATO stays out of it. 2014: Russia invades Ukraine. NATO stays out of it. Who is the aggressor?

@ScorpionFox5 @angela4LNCChair Russia puts troops on Ukraine's border and calls it "an exercise" Russia sends in "peacekeepers." Russia is "De-nazifying Ukraine." Yeah keep believing the Russian state media

@ScorpionFox5 @angela4LNCChair where have I called for any US intervention in Ukraine? I just realize that Russia is the aggressor. NATO, despite what Horton thinks, was NOT going to attack Russia with or without Ukraine.

@ComicDaveSmith someone who thinks the war in Ukraine is Russia's fault. Someone who thinks edglords and shitposting are NOT good for the liberty movement

@ComicDaveSmith Still waiting for you to debate someone who disagrees with you on the Ukraine war

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