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Mark R. Pachankis 馃嚭馃嚘馃挋馃挍
father, catholic, american, libertarian, author of ebook "Mud, Blood, and Ink."
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@nick_brana @PeoplesParty_US Wait, didn't Russia say they were sending in peace keepers, then they said they were de-Nazifying Ukraine before they annexed land? You're saying that if Ukraine agrees not to join NATO, Russia will give the land back and pull it's forces out of Ukraine?

@liaptchev @SteveDH42 @TheEconomist Russia puts troops on Ukraine's borders and says it's just an exercise Russia invades but says it's sending in "peacekeepers." Russia invades deeper and says it's trying to "denazify" Ukraine. Russia annexes land. It was NEVER about NATO

@comhbha @SallyMayweather I thought their objective was to send in peace keepers? But before that, Putin said he was not going to invade and the tens of thousands of soldiers on Ukraine's border were just in an exercise

@cristy_aya @LPNational If the US was supporting Russia, these 鈥渓ibertarians鈥 would be anti-Russia instead of anti-Ukraine

@CoverdaleReed Imagine someone not knowing the president of Ukraine is Jewish, and Jewish Ukrainians are fighting the Russian invaders

@TiasFlare @LPNational Ukraine was not in NATO, nor were they up for consideration. Russia invaded to gain land

@LPNational they also believe in the non-aggression principle, and are opposed to those who violate it - like Russia did when they invaded Ukraine for the 2nd time.

@LPNational @scotthortonshow History: despite no threat to them, Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014. Despite no threat to them, Russia invades again in 2022.

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